Metallic Paints - 250 ml - One More Time Vintage

Metallic Paints - 250 ml

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Fusion's Metallic Paints come in the practical size of 250ml, which should give you enough coverage (about 40 square feet) for a small to medium sized piece of furniture. 

As with other paints from Fusion, these metallics have a built-in top coat, and they can be used on most previously painted or coated surfaces without additional priming or prep. They contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the metallic effects are created with mica pigments made from purified, naturally occurring minerals. These pigments will give your work a distinctive iridescent finish.


Pearl- The beautiful iridescent sheen of our Pearl Metallic is sure to make jaws drop. Perfect for adding the slightest opalescent accent that works beautifully with just about anything.

Champagne- Our Champagne Metallic exudes old Hollywood glamour. Accented with the slightest pink hue, the result is a sparkling rose gold color.

Brushed Steel- One of our most popular, the Brushed Steel Metallic is perfect for adding a rustic faux-metal look. People will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between it and real steel.

Pale Gold- We couldn’t create this line without including gold. Our Pale Gold Metallic is just the fit for accessorizing décor pieces. Add Fusion Antiquing Glaze over top to create a vintage gold look.

Copper- Our top seller, the Copper Metallic is a striking deep burnt sienna color. Use with dry-brushed accents of Fusion Ceramic to create a faux copper patina effect.

Bronze- Our Bronze Metallic is so deep and rich, it is sure to bring a lavish, regal feel to your décor.


Some examples of projects using Fusion's Metallics collection can be seen below:

Jewelery Tray from Q is for Quandie

Silver Accented Chest from Home Road

Brushed Steel Coat Tree from Bliss Ranch


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