Fusion Mineral Paint- Transfer Gel - One More Time Vintage

Transfer Gel

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Clear, quick drying with a matte finish, ideal for transferring printed images on to wood, paper or other non-oily or greasy, porous surfaces. For interior applications. Water resistant.

Transfer images using a laser prints. Apply transfer gel to the surface.

Place printed image face down into the wet gel, press out air bubbles and allow to dry.

When completely dry (6-12 hrs.), dampen the paper with a wet sponge allowing the water to penetrate the paper pulp.

Carefully rub with a soft cloth or nylon scouring pad (for a weathered look) to remove the paper but leave the image intact. Continue to finish as desired with paints, glazes, washed, metallic tints, you name it!

Did you know? Fusion Transfer Gel can also be used as a decoupage medium.

Learn more about using Fusion Transfer Gel with this tutorial.

500 ml